• Núñez

    11 de Septiembre 3468, CABA
  • Palermo

    José A. Cabrera 3965, CABA
  • Villa Urquiza

    Quesada 6056, CABA
  • Agronomía

    Bucarelli 1327, CABA
  • Almagro

    Catamarca 563, CABA

(Español) Atención Telefónica: Lun a Vier 9 a 21hs. - Sab 9 a 18hs.


(Español) Apertura de sucursales:

Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm.
*Check for after hours service.

Our office of Self storage in Villa Urquiza is located in Quesada 6056, and is one of the four offices with private storage units that we have in the City of Buenos Aires. With more than 70 years of experience in this field, Depósito Belgrano is the best option to store your belongings, with the best price/service relationship offered.
In the same way as our other offices, our storage facility in Villa Urquiza is close to the main access points to the city. In this case, a few meters from De Los Constituyentes Avenue and Congreso Avenue, and approximately 10 blocks from the busy Triunvirato Avenue, the main avenue in this neighborhood.

On the other hand, our office of storage units in Villa Urquiza is located in the vicinity of a busy site in the City of Buenos Aires such as Sarmiento Park, as well as General Paz Avenue, in the northern part of the city.
Our offices in Villa Urquiza, Belgrano, Núñez and Palermo offer an exclusive system of private storage units that guarantee the security of your belongings. We have options for different needs, covering the requirements of individuals, businesses and corporations. You can choose the type of storage that best suits your needs, with options ranging from small spaces to save only a few boxes, to storage with many square meters, perfect for larger objects.
Our clients have exclusive access keys, to enter any time they wish, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Entrance is without prior notice and free of charge during opening hours, and an additional after hour access service is added. It is also possible to authorize the access of third parties to the storage units.
Also, all offices offer a sound security system composed of a closed circuit surveillance system, personnel in contact with the Federal Police, and other measures such as fire alarms, fireproof doors, etc.

If you are looking for a space to rent storage units in Villa Urquiza and surrounding areas of the City of Buenos Aires, do not hesitate to contact Depósito Belgrano. More than 70 years of experience offer testimony of our service.

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