• Núñez

    11 de Septiembre 3468, CABA
  • Palermo

    José A. Cabrera 3965, CABA
  • Villa Urquiza

    Quesada 6056, CABA
  • Agronomía

    Bucarelli 1327, CABA
  • Almagro

    Catamarca 563, CABA

(Español) Atención Telefónica: Lun a Vier 9 a 21hs. - Sab 9 a 18hs.


(Español) Apertura de sucursales:

Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm.
*Check for after hours service.

Clients looking for an efficient storage space in Almagro, find the best option in our Depósito Belgrano office located in José A. Cabrera 3965. This space is close to places such as Plaza Armenia or the Abasto Shopping Center.

In the same way as our other offices in Belgrano, Núñez and Villa Urquiza, the office on José A. Cabrera St. is near the main avenues of the city. This particular office is located a few blocks away from avenues such as Córdoba, Medrano and Estado de Israel.

In an environment where the safety of goods and friendly treatment to our customers prevail, Depósito Belgrano offers everything necessary for you to safeguard your belongings and with the best prices in the market. You can obtain further details in our web page regarding the advantages of our offer, as well as check special promotions when contracting private storage units. For example, the possibility of paying months in advance to obtain discounts and freeze rates.

We lead the market of storage units’ rental in the City of Buenos Aires, with an over 70 years experience in the field. We offer the highest standards of service, privacy and security for your assets, always focused on offering personalized advice to our clients. Our company has a staff of professionals trained to meet your needs and provide an efficient response to all your questions.

To sustain our leadership, we often update our offer by adding more services, equipment, and security elements. All our offices have a covered parking lot, the most modern moving tools, supplies for packaging, and more. In addition, we have a complete package of security systems that ensure the conservation of your property, fire alarms, closed-circuit surveillance system, and trained personnel in direct connection with the Federal Police.

If you are looking for a self storage space in Caballito, Almagro, Palermo and surrounding areas, be sure to see what our company offers. We are leaders in the rental of private storage units in the City of Buenos Aires. We have everything you need to efficiently safeguard your belongings, always offering a cordial treatment and a 100% personalized advice.

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