If you are looking for a self storage company in Buenos Aires that offers excellence and that a convenient price and service ratio, you will find that Deposito Belgrano is the solution. With more than 70 years of experience in the sector, we are the best option to store your belongings safely and efficiently.

Individuals, merchants and companies choose our service and expertise to protect their goods. We always offer a cordial treatment and provide personalized advice. We have a team of specialists ready to answer any questions and respond to any suggestions.

To strengthen our lidership in the rental of self storage services in Buenos Aires, Depósito Belgrano continuously updates its services with the infrastructure, equipment and everything necessary to meet the demand of our clients who have chosen us every day for more than 70 years. We have more than 2000 individual private storage units with keys exclusively for each client, and we offer automatic renewal monthly contracts free of security deposits or retainer fees, loading and unloading in internal parking, and the best safety measures, all this in our four offices in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. In addition, we do not establish a minimum time of permanence.

You can find options to store your furniture and other belongings in our storage units in Núñez, Palermo, Chacarita-Colegiales, and Villa Urquiza.

Our individual storage units allow you to protect items from your home that are not used frequently, goods that you only use during certain seasons of the year or keep your furniture in a safe space while you move. On the other hand, your company can entrust us with the storage of stationary of infrequent use or of furniture in disuse. In any case, our system guarantees that your assets will remain as they were left in our storage space until you decide to use them again.

On our website you can find all the answers to your questions, queries and needs about the self storage service offered by Depósito Belgrano. We are always focused on honoring our motto as a company, which we have followed since our origins back in 1947: Taking care of the things that matter most to you, your things.

  • Núñez

    11 de Septiembre 3468, CABA
  • Palermo

    José A. Cabrera 3965, CABA
  • Villa Urquiza

    Quesada 6056, CABA
  • Agronomía

    Bucarelli 1327, CABA
  • Almagro

    Catamarca 563, CABA

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Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm.
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