• Núñez

    11 de Septiembre 3468, CABA
  • Palermo

    José A. Cabrera 3965, CABA
  • Villa Urquiza

    Quesada 6056, CABA
  • Agronomía

    Bucarelli 1327, CABA
  • Almagro

    Catamarca 563, CABA

(Español) Atención Telefónica: Lun a Vier 9 a 21hs. - Sab 9 a 18hs.


(Español) Apertura de sucursales:

Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm.
*Check for after hours service.

Individual private storage spaces, keys exclusively for clients, and loading and unloading in internal parking lots. These are just some of the many advantages offered by Depósito Belgrano, the leader in renting storage units in Buenos Aires, the best option, offering the best prices to store your belongings safely, with the peace of mind of trusting your assets to a company with more than 70 years of experience in the sector.

In addition to exclusively obtaining the keys to your storage unit, and being able to authorize access for third parties, our clients can enter their storage spaces whenever they require. We have a wide variety of sizes for our more than 2,000 storage units, a range of alternatives that fit the specific needs of individuals, or businesses. Furniture, documentation, stationery, boxes, and more. All your goods will be safe in our storage units.

Depósito Belgrano also stands out in the sector of storage spaces rental in Buenos Aires because it has four offices located in the city of Buenos Aires (Núñez, Belgrano, Villa Urquiza and Palermo), in all cases easily accessible through the main avenues of the city. Each office offers a covered parking area, which guarantees maximum comfort for loading and unloading.

We also believe that security is a key aspect of the service we offer, and we have the equipment, technology and procedures that translate into greater peace of mind for clients who entrust us with their personal assets. In this sense, our offices offer closed-circuit television with internal and external monitoring, personnel connected with the Federal Police, fire alarm, and fireproof doors, among others, to meet the requirements and safety regulations established.

We offer temporary storage rental, an option that is ideal to store your furniture in between real estate operations. At this point, it is interesting to note that our company does not demand a minimum time of permanence, and that subsequent hiring and renewals do not require the submission of security deposits or retainer fees.

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