We provide storage solutions through an exclusive service of self storage, and we offer our customers a variety of sizes for units, where they can store everything they need from their homes, business, or company. If you need to store your belongings during a move, gain more space at home and store items of infrequent use or need a place to store the stock of your business at a low cost, renting a self storage unit is the solution. Deposito Belgrano offers clean and safe units at a competitive price to store what’s most important, your belongings.
The service includes the rental of private self storage of different sizes, which will have a padlock and the keys will be exclusively for you. Once you rent a unit, you can access it as many times as you need, and you will be able to add, remove or settle your things as you see fit, during business hours (check for after hours service). We offer moving equipment, such as hydraulic jacks, carts, trolleys, ladders, electric hoists, etc. at no additional cost.
You may store anything you want in our self storage, except: goods subject to registration, perishable, inflammable, explosive, poisonous and/or polluting goods, drugs of illegal use, weapons and property prohibited by the laws and/or regulations in force in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires or that could cause damage to persons, to facilities and/or to the assets of third parties.
The Storage Unit Type section offers a guide to find out the approximate size of the storage unit you will need, and we offer self storage as little as 1 m³.
The prices can vary according to the type of storage unit, the office and the location of the storage unit in that office, which is why we need you to contact us to give you an exact quote, and we will gladly let you know of the best option for you.
You can rent a storage unit from 1 day to a period as long as you need it. Once you rent it, you pay monthly and the day you do not need it anymore, you can take your things, sign the cancellation contract, and it's done, no complications. Check our promotions for long-term storage.
Only the person who sings the contract or those authorized by that person can access the storage unit, and may be escorted into the unit if required.
Since we cannot possibly know the value of what you are going to keep in your storage unit, we offer fire insurance and water damage insurance additionally to protect the content of your storage unit according to a value declared by you, at a discounted price in the top insurance companies. You may also insure the content of your unit on your own in the company you choose.
Yes, it is. In fact, we trust so much the quality of our facilities that we encourage you to do so. You may visit any of our 5 offices at any given time during our opening hours, without prior notice.
There is no need to contact us in advance! You may call and get a storage unit today if you wish, as long as we have availability of the storage unit you need. We recommend booking by phone or in person as early as possible, but it is not an essential requirement.
Renting a furniture storage unit is very simple, you just need to reserve a unit by phone or in person to ensure availability, then come to the office with your ID, sign the contract, pay the first month, and you can store your items. There is not need for security deposits, or additional documentation.
We have five offices (see map) strategically located in the City of Buenos Aires: Office in Núñez - 11 de septiembre 3468 Office in Palermo - Cabrera 3965 Office in Villa Urquiza - Quesada 6056 Office in Agronomía - Bucarelli 1327 Office in Almagro - Catamarca 563
We do not do moves, but we can recommend top companies that have been working with us for a long time, and know how everything works. You may also hire any other company you prefer, or do it on your own.


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