Why Choose us?

We are a widely recognized company in the self storage sector in Buenos Aires, and leadership is based on the quality of our facilities and the experience of our team of professionals.
The staff of Deposito Belgrano is always ready and trained to advise those in need of guidance, and also to answer questions or hear the suggestions of those who have put their trust in us for so many years.

Our origins date back to 1947, and over the years we have updated our services, adjusting the infrastructure, facilities and equipment, so that those who need a company specialized in self storage find a response to their needs. Deposito Belgrano was the first company in Argentina to implement the private storage space system, but we are not content to be pioneers in the sector, but we are committed to staying at the forefront in terms of safety, privacy, and service.

We offer our clients the possibility of accessing their storage areas whenever they need it, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. During opening hours, access is free and unlimited, and we also offer an after hours opening service. We have a big private internal parking, a wide variety of moving equipment (such as carts, electric trucks, pallet jacks, etc.) and packing and stowing services. We also offer the possibility of quickly and easily insuring your property with first-line insurers when hiring your storage space.


We are here to help you