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At Depósito Belgrano we are focused on integrally solving all our clients’ storage and logistics needs, whether it is for self storage, a shop or a company, offering a wide range of value added services and providing a hi quality customized attention.

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Private storage rooms rental

Our main service is the temporary rental of PRIVATE STORAGE ROOMS, with keys only in your possession. You can put away your furniture, work-related documents, merchandising, private documents or any other goods, having unlimited access to your belongings during business hours.

Access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

We offer the possibility to get into your storage room whenever you need to: free of charge from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm and on Saturdays from 9am to 2pm, or hiring the off opening hours service, which extends to 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Indoors covered parking

Enter with your vehicle to our large covered parking lot and remain as long as you need to free of charge. The measurements of our facilities let our customers enjoy a wide loading and unloading space.

Handling service

We count on experienced personnel to load and unload the trucks or move the goods inside the warehouse.

Moving equipment

We have at your disposal a wide range of tools (heavy duty carts, trolleys, transpallet, pallet stacker, etc.) totally free of charge to make any kind of movement minimizing your effort and maximizing your safety.

Packing and stowage services

If you put away items that will be in contact with each other inside the storage room or you are planning a long term stay, it is convenient to pack and stowage the goods correctly so as to keep them intact throughout time, avoiding scratches and dust accumulation. For a modest price we do the packing for you and put the items away inside the storage room maximizing the space distribution.

Packing supplies

If you decide to pack your belongings yourself, we offer all kinds of packing supplies (traditional cardboard boxes, strengthened boxes, tape, stretch film, bubble wrap, corrugated paper, etc.).

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Internal coating of storage units

So as to provide a better conservation of your belongings, our storage units are ventilated, but if you wish to have absolute privacy, we can cover it internally preventing its contents from being seen from outside.

Internal Cleaning of storage units

Due to the private nature of our storage units, our staff cannot clean inside them. However, when you consider it necessary, you can ask for this service, no matter how long your stay in the warehouse lasts no matter the length of stay in the warehouse.ivado de las bauleras, nuestro personal no puede realizar la limpieza interna de las mismas. Sin embargo, cuando lo considere necesario, puede solicitar este servicio sin importar el tiempo de su estadía en el depósito.


When signing your storage room rental agreement, you can insure your belongings against fire for the price you prefer to and in a very simple way. The premium will be charged alongside the monthly installment. Besides, we have an insurance policy of civil liability, which provides you with coverage if you have an accident inside our facilities.

Furniture purchasing and selling

We have a list of first class furniture buyers at your disposal. They make an offer for the furniture you wish to sell, free of charge and without any obligation.

Wireless Internet access in all our branches

For your comfort and optimum connectivity, wireless internet service is available in our facilities. You can have access to this service by requesting the password to our administrative staff, free of charge and at your total disposal.